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What We Do

The Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition (MLRC) works for the preservation and future expansion of the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program as well as all other affordable housing programs.

The Coalition works to identify, clarify and solve common concerns of current and former Mitchell-Lama residents by working with these residents, elected officials and government agencies to:

  • Provide informational and educational services about issues concerning current and former Mitchell-Lama residents, housing policy and legislation;
  • Promote friendly cooperative and neighborly relations among residents of affordable housing programs;
  • Protect the rights of affordable housing residents;
  • Review and Monitor government regulations as it relates to affordable housing;
  • Address maintenance, taxation, finance, privatization, management issues that affect Mitchell-Lama Co-ops;
  • Address DHCR, HPD, HDC, HUD legislation and community issues of concern to Mitchell-Lama residents and former Mitchell-Lama developments.

—Executive Board
Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition